And The Rains Came
"And The Rains Came" Is a documentation of the drought in Victoria & Southern NSW between 1982 -1984. Thirty four Cibachrome prints were made in 1985 for a travelling exhibition, which toured with the Regional Galleries Associations in Victoria, NSW and QLD. In addition 11 prints were chosen for a one off boxed set of the project.

The Prints
11 Cibachrome prints, 35.5 x 24.6cm, Matt size, 56 x 47cm

The Box
62 x 55 x 7cm, Marine Ply with Felt interior sliding lid and dust cover.

Cibachrome Prints
The Colour Factory (Melb) 1984 -5
Archival Box Bryan Derrick Edges Framing (Melb) 1985
Photographed by Philip Quirk using Kodachrome film 

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