In 2009 photographer Philip Quirk set out to photograph every building on both sides of this well known stretch of Oxford Street. The purpose of this documentation is to observe the street from a pedestrian’s point of view, to note its transient human occupation and to record the street as it is in the early years of the 21st century. 

Change is inevitable: on every street, in every suburb, in every city. How we preserve our history and architecture is reflected in how importantly we consider heritage. What is worth protecting and restoring? Each single photograph in this impressive panoramic recreation of this dynamic Sydney street tells a story. Look closer! The northern side of Oxford Street is Woollahra Council and the southern side City of Sydney/South Sydney Council. 

Photographed with a traditional 5x4 inch field camera and using black & white film, the images have been digitally assembled so as to create a continuous profile on both sides of the street. Quirk set out at the same time every day, during summer and winter, with his heavy equipment and tripod. 

The result of Quirk’s dedication over a two year period has been an important and outstanding historical document – well deserving of its place in our city libraries, as well as state and local archival collections. 

The exhibition includes a selection of photographic panoramas and two hand-made accordion books by the artist. Book One extends to 4 metres and Book Two to 8 metres fully extended. These impressive and collectable books are available to purchase and made to order.